Tetra hedra is an arabic leading token that has many unique features it is a must to read more about us so you can have a better understanding about the nature of our defi process.

-first arabic token to start issuing NFTS/customized NFTS also creating awareness for the importance of future NFT usage in the future

-developer's wallet containing only 5% locked and each amount released get automatically burnt reaching down to 1% therefore developer's wallet contains only 1%.

-TetraHedra's liquidity is 100% locked you can scroll down the website and check bsc link.

-TetraHedra has been audited by solidity finance and the end result is "safe to invest" you can scroll down and check auditing results through the link.

-TetraHedra will be the issuer of the first arabic cold wallet ..raising an awareness campaign about the importance of cold wallets.

-TetraHedra took license in United Arab Emirates to start manufacturing and selling its cold wallet and other electronics related to mining with world wide shipping.

-TetraHedra's official office will be opened soon in Dubai.

-TetraHedra with its limited supply 100 million is listed on coin geko and coin market cap.

-TetraHedra has issued its own staking platform where investors can stake their tth , never the less TetraHedra will also open the door for other tokens and coins to stake on our platform supporting all types of wallets.

-TetraHedra issues its first NFT platform where users can mint their own NFT sell it/store it/or even offer it on a secondary market.

-TetraHedra is looking forward to start developing the first arabic block chain that solves technical problems on networks which will leave to tetra hedra's coin.






  • Listing TetraHedra on multiple exchanges and websites.
  • Launching TetraHedra own website.
  • Giving full access to tetra’s holders for a full educational program, indicators, and live support by the team.


  • Launching Tetrahedra’s NFT farming and staking.
  • Sending NFTs for world wide gamers made by TetraHedra.


  • TetraHedra will seek partnerships with gaming companies and world wide gamers.


  • TetraHedra will launch its own cold wallet.
  • TetraHedra will expand and adopt more use cases depending on the process of the project.


developer's wallet contains only 5% which is a very small amount locked for 1 year , with a 2 weeks vest.

Check BSC details